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A Horticultural Guide to Healthy Hair

If you want great hair in perfect condition then you might need to forget everything you've learned about hair care and take up gardening. The Box's Guillaume Ossant fancies himself a bit of a green-fingered plant whisperer, so here are his three top tips for hair care inspired by horticulture. Stick with us because things will start to make sense, we promise.

The three basic principles of growing healthy, beautiful plants are great soil, the right amount of rain and knowing when to use the secateurs. In this herbaceous analogy let's assume the soil is your scalp, the rain is your washing and styling products and the secateurs are your trips to The Box.


First of all the soil, which in this analogy is your diet. The soil needs to be healthy, nutrient rich and free of nasties - the scalp is much the same only the good stuff come from your diet. You healthy hair superfoods are salmon, blueberries,  strawberries, walnuts, avocados and eggs. Essentially, anything that contains the key building blocks of Omega 3 and biotin. Eat sugary sweets all day long and skip you five a day and your whole body will suffer. If your hair follicles don't have the best basic ingredients, they can't make the best hair, it's that simple.


Now, what goes on the body is as important as what goes in it. Just as too much rain will drown a plant and too little will dry it out; you have to be sure your shampoo and conditioner aren't stripping or saturating your hairs. Some products wash away the good oils that your hair and scalp need and others have harsh chemicals that damage the structure of your hair. When choosing products you want to avoid anything with damaging sulfates and as parabens. At The Box we use Davines shampoos and conditioners which are about as natural as you can get.


Finally, some hairs become too damaged or split and simply have to go. Regular trips to the salon can keep your hair looking healthy and in best condition just like employing a gardener means manicured lawns instead of a forest of weeds. Your hairdresser can maintain order and often repair daily and environmental damage with salon only products such as OLAPLEX. A good cut will maintain shape and minimise unsightly split ends.

So there you have it.. having great hair is just like gardening. So don't be a Jungle when you can be a Kew Gardens.